Expensesy (Finance Management App)

Shashwat Singh Raghav
5 min readOct 23, 2021


In this case study, I will share bits of knowledge into the choices I made while planning the Finance Management App

📋 Note

This project that I worked on has been done as a part of Webority Technologies. Expensesy is a real app but with a different name.

🤔What is Expensesy

Expensesy is an application that can follow your cash proficiently which assists you with controlling your financial plan and funds.

🤷‍♂️Why Expensesy

As a great many people say, assuming you need to plan an application for a portfolio you need to plan an application that you are utilizing by and by for quite a while, on the grounds that then just you realize the problem areas of genuine clients.

So I pick the money the executives application since I have utilized this kind of application a few times yet it doesn’t address my issues by any means.

The application lets you know all out pay and costs however it didn’t tell the amount you set aside or how much cash you left or how much complete costs you did this far and furthermore, the UI of the application isn’t up to that imprint, a lot of things need to fix to it.

So presently I suppose you know why I pick the money the executive application


The main thing I did is to plan its logo since it’s a new beginning and on the off chance that the application got its new look, why not a logo.

About New Logo

  1. The symbol inside the rounded square addresses the letter E which is the primary letter of the name of the application the principal letter of EXPENSE.
  2. Blue is an essential tone in the application since it represents serenity, stability, inspiration, and wisdom. Furthermore, Green is auxiliary since it is customarily connected with cash, funds, and banking.

⚙️My Process

I followed these means during the planning of the application

  1. Empathize
  2. Define
  3. Ideate
  4. Prototype
  5. Test

1. Empathize

First I need to know whether I’m the just one dealing with these issues in the applications or there are others so the main thing I did is to quit accepting things and get some information about the application.

So to know what genuine issues individuals face in finance management I talked with 5 individuals

The following are the inquiries I posed to them

Questions for interview

  1. How would you deal with your cash?
  2. Where do you record your pay and costs?
  3. Do you utilize any applications for this?
  4. What do you like or abhorrence regarding that application?
  5. Do you believe that application?
  6. For what reason do you believe that application?
  7. What components do you need in the application?
  8. How does utilizing this application helps you?
  9. What is your opinion about utilizing this application?
  10. What baffles you?
  11. What things do you like in the application?

So from the appropriate responses, I became acquainted with that the clients of the application have a larger number of issues than I suspected

Yet additionally, they like numerous things about the application

so in light of the above talk with I arranged two personas that address the genuine clients

2. Define

In light of the appropriate responses I got from Understand currently it’s an ideal opportunity to characterize the real issues clients are looking for in the application.

The primary issue with the application is:

  1. The application will not discuss the saving or the excess equilibrium of the individual.
  2. The application has no choice to tell individuals the amount they spend on a specific thing like assuming a client needs to know the amount they go through on food this month then there is no quest choice for the clients to know the amount they spend.
  3. The fundamental element of the application is to add pay and costs to it yet because of the awful UI, it isn’t clear where to add new pay and new costs.

So presently all I need to contemplate is

How Should I (it is The manner by which May We yet I’m the main individual chipping away at it so How Should I)

  1. HMI lets individuals know the amount they save or how much equilibrium is left in their record.
  2. HMI shows how much individuals spend or acquire to or from a specific thing.
  3. HMI improves on the method involved with adding Pay and costs.

3. Ideate

So subsequent to directing the examination and in the wake of knowing the genuine issues of the clients I promptly took my note pad and begin outlining a few arrangements with pencil since you can undoubtedly alter on the journal and from that point onward, I made High Devotion separates Figma

The following are a portion of my representations and a portion of the screens planned in Figma

4. Prototype

Subsequent to Planning and fixing the UI and UX of the application I did a fast model of the application in Figma

5. Test

After creating the working model of the app I quickly test the prototype with the real users.
And got some amazing feedback on the app which I wasn’t expecting
Below are the feedbacks which I got.

  1. Right away, I composed the reserve funds rather than Equilibrium on the home screen which confounds the client since now they don’t know whether this is the saving of this current month or from the year, and assuming this is putting something aside for the month, what befallen the cash they saved a month ago. So I changed the Word from saving to staying to let the clients know that this is the cash that is left till now.
  2. The pie outline is confounding — prior I made the pie diagram however didn’t explicitly put what has a place with pay and which region to Costs and which to remain so to settle this I explicitly notice the shadings that address the tones in the graph.

These are the Inputs that I got in the testing stage and I tackled these issues Underneath

Link:- https://www.behance.net/gallery/127378759/Expensesy


As you can see beneath in the Costs new screens I tackled this issue by giving every one of the fundamental costs or pay that one can do and assuming they have another cost or pay, they basically compose that on others choice which helps in decreasing the number of steps and quicker activities.

Thank you for reading my case study 😊😊

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