Shashwat Singh Raghav
6 min readDec 11, 2021


Eat away your concerns with delightful food arranged for all eating regimens needs to be conveyed at your doorstep

Project Overviews

Lo-dip is a mobile application idea intended to assist buyers with requesting solid and low-calorie diet food rapidly and helpfully.

It empowers clients to alter their suppers, dispose of food things that are not reasonable just as a choice to interface with the best nutritionists for every one of their interests.

Duration:- 1 week

My Role:- UX Design

Design Process


  • Desk Research
  • User Research
  • Competitive Analysis


  • Problem Statement
  • User Persona
  • Empathy Map


  • HMW Questions
  • Card Sorting
  • User Flow
  • Information Architecture

Desk Research

The significance of a fair eating routine cannot be underlined enough for a sound way of life. A sound way of life can be achieved by keeping a fair eating regimen and keeping it into thought to meet every one of the fundamental supplements needed by the body. An appropriate feast plan assists with accomplishing ideal body weight and decreases the danger of ongoing infections like diabetes, cardiovascular and different kinds of disease.

After the world saw the Coronavirus pandemic, individuals have understood the significance of resistance and actual wellness. these must be accomplished by burning-through quality food consistently and through actual exercise. it is for sure a fact that we are what we eat.

there are various food conveyance organizations in the market at this point, yet most of the food accessible is low-quality nourishment. the simple accessibility of quality food at the solace of the doorstep will for the sure draw in individuals to devour good food consistently.

User Research (Qualitative)

Some inquiries questions were drafted to acquire better knowledge and explicit contributions for the clients. 20–24 individuals from different age gatherings and foundations were met all the while.

About the users

  • What is your name, age, and occupation?
  • Where are you found?
  • What number of individuals are there in your family?
  • on the off chance that you are a lone ranger, do you live alone or in a common space?
  • How would you deal with your suppers?


  • Do you cook without anyone else or do you have any assistance?
  • Is it true that you are a wellness lover?
  • How simple/troublesome is it to design and burn-through good supper regular?
  • Is it true that you are ready to follow your eating routine arrangement or necessities?
  • How would you follow your calorie admission?
  • What do you search for in a good supper?


  • What are the difficulties that you face to have a sound eating regimen schedule?
  • Do you figure out cooking to be opportunity devouring? in the event that indeed, how would you make due?
  • How frequently do you view the need as ready to alter your food?
  • Would you like solid and new suppers conveyed?
  • What are some key factors that dissuade you from requesting food on the web?

Interview insights

Significant user needs found

  • 90% of clients might want to arrange quality food whenever given a choice
  • 80% of clients would like customization in their food request
  • 60% would like a nutritionist discussion for their eating regimen.
  • 20% of clients have food sensitivities.

Significant user behaviors found

  • The majority of the clients figure out cooking opportunities devouring and accordingly try not to prepare separate eating routine dinners for themselves.
  • Every one of them might want to practice good eating habits in the event that they had a choice accessible to arrange on the web.
  • Large numbers of them think that it is hard to follow their calorie admission when food is requested on the web.

User Research (Quantitative)

A web-based review was directed and north of 50 individuals took an interest all the while. the accompanying exhibit the reactions got.

How many times in a week do you order food online?

  • Everyday: 10%
  • once a week: 60%
  • once in 15days: 30%

How much do you spend on your meal?

  • 100–200: 30%
  • 200–400: 20%
  • 400+ : 50%

By what means do you order your food?

  • Mobile application: 70%
  • Restaurants Delivery: 35%
  • Website: 5%

Do you find a need to customize your food when ordering online?

  • Yes: 60%
  • No: 40%

How concerned are you related to health eating/ nutrition of your meal/diet?

  • Highly concerned: 70%
  • Moderately Concerned: 35%
  • Not concerned: 5%

Key findings

  • The clients are worried about their wellbeing and nourishment.
  • Assuming that given a choice, they would consider requesting good food on the web.
  • There is a need to modify their nourishment for different reasons.
  • Proficient direction for wellbeing/wellness/eating fewer carbs support would be an or more.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is the process of identifying competitors and evaluating their strategies in order to determine their weaknesses and strengths in order to better our own.


On occasions as through as this pandemic, individuals have understood the benefit of practicing good eating habits and being fit. individuals have been taught a positive methodology of practicing good eating habits, wellness and sustenance however need time to prepare quality dinners on a regular schedule or to plan separate suppers for themselves.

Tight plans for getting work done and vault errands, rule out time and tolerance to cook, which prompts requesting garbage and unfortunate inexpensive food on the web.

restricted quality food choices on internet-based stages likewise advance unfortunate dietary patterns and lead to different ailments.


A stage that gives a wide assortment of smart dieting choices at a reasonable cost with quality confirmation.

A choice to associate with a nutritionist for exhortation and assessment to advance the utilization of good food in any event, for clients with ailments, dietary limitations, or food hypersensitivities.

A one-stop arrangement where clients can customize their feast by eliminating any unfortunate fixing from their food thing to organize their dinners in their own specific manners.

User Persona

HMW Questions

How might we questions opens up to ideation sessions where we can explore ideas that help solve design challenges

HMW attract more customers?

  • Assortment of menu
  • Reasonable costs
  • make stage simple to utilize
  • Add customization in individual food

HMW reduces the complexity of the app?

  • Make the interface as simple as could really be expected
  • Moderate methodology

HMW makes the user reach their fitness goals?

  • Obviously referencing healthy benefit of food and calorie admission

HMW motivate our users to eat healthy?

  • Message pop-up
  • Advancement of application on the different social stage

HMW guides our users on eating healthy?

  • Furnishing a chance to associate with a nutritionist

HMW makes people aware of this app?

  • Web-based media advancements
  • Running efforts via web-based media Advertisements

HMW builds customer trust?

  • Quality affirmation
  • On-time conveyance
  • Good cause of fixings

HMW help users having health issues/food allergies?

  • Customization choice in every food thing
  • Good cause on conceivable food allergens in the food thing
  • The choice to interface with a nutritionist for guidance

Card Sorting

Card sorting session was performed amongst some users to help organize topics into categories that make sense to them and help label these groups.

User Flow

Information Architecture

Information architecture focuses on organizing, structuring, and labeling content so that users find information more effectively and easily.

  • Do you cook without any other person or do you have any help?
  • Is it genuine that you are a well-being sweetheart?
  • How straightforward/problematic is it to plan and consume great dinner standards?
  • Is it genuine that you are prepared to follow your eating routine course of action or necessities?
  • How might you follow your calorie confirmation?
  • What do you look for in a decent dinner?